Skin Discoloration

Advance stages of vein disease result in discoloration of the skin, ankle and lower leg. The vein specialists in Bonita Springs, Florida offer the highest level of service and diagnostics to get it right the first time.

People who have leg discoloration, usually in the inner calf, associate the darkening as part of the normal aging process.  Some think it is due to sun exposure. To anyone who doesn’t have these darkened areas, it is apparent that it is nor healthy. Why do people allow for the skin to change? Why doesn’t our medical community catch it at the early stages?  Sometimes a patient has been given imperfect or incomplete medical advice. It is especially true as the venous disease has changed in the past 15 years due to advancements. Medical professionals have not been trained to identify the venous disease and subsequently inform the patient that it is a cosmetic skin change.


The darkening of the skin usually is so gradual that it doesn’t even dawn on the individual that the changes are not typical. Discoloration in the medial aspect of the calf is often due to chronic venous insufficiency. Chronic – as it has been going on for some time.  Deep venous pressure often escapes through the calf perforator veins due to deep venous insufficiency caused by scarring from previous deep vein thrombus. Instead of flow traveling from the surface to the deep system, the flow is from the deep system to the surface. In some cases, the blood flows back and forth and never leaves the leg as it should.  

Dr. Joseph Magnant and the staff at The Vein Specialists can successfully treat all of your vein conditions including varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling, leg pain, skin discoloration, burning and itchy skin due to chronic venous insufficiency. We are the vein center of choice in the Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and all of Southwest Florida. Don’t leave your veins to chance; choose the experts at the Vein Specialists to treat your vein problem. 

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