Vein Treatments

Vein Specialists located in Bonita Springs and Naples, Florida uses a comprehensive approach to vein treatment. Putting the pieces together to form a solution that is both effective and is based on evidence based medicine.

When you come to Vein Specialists, you will receive a thorough evaluation by Dr. Magnant  and the vein specialists team. This includes a comprehensive venous duplex ultrasound exam that checks the veins in your legs for superficial venous reflux, deep vein reflux, deep vein thrombosis and perforator(connector) vein reflux. Your ultrasound results will be carefully reviewed and explained in detail to you.  A complete treatment plan will be created in consultation with you.  This will include conservative therapy consisting of ambulation, compression hose and elevation.  Depending on your conservative trial results, and your ultrasound results, you may be a candidate for more definitive therapy in the form of endovenous ablation.  All the modern treatment modalities are used at Vein Specialists. As new technologies and techniques develop, they are added to the armamentarium of therapy at Vein Specialiststreatment options. Vein Specialists is proud to be a Gold education center for Covidien and Medtronic.

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